Adding a Format and Partition to Refresh/Upgrade Scenarios for MDT

Adding these modifications will allow a user to start a deployment in Windows(Refresh/Upgrade) and have the deployment boot into WinPE, repartition the drive, format the partition, and install Windows.

I would call this a blended refresh scenario.

  • This has been tested with Vista and Windows 7
  • This has been tested with MDT 2012 update1
  • This will allow adding bitlocker partitions to System drives
  • This will allow adding Dart partitions to System drives
  • There are no modification done to the default MDT scripts
  1. Start off with a clean/new “Standard Client Task Sequence”
    1. Complete all the prompts in the wizard like you would a normal task sequence.
  2. Go into the properties of the task sequence you just created and view the “Task Sequence” tab.
  3. Expand the “Preinstall” folder
  4. Expand the “New computer only” folder
  5. Move “Format and Partition Disk” and “Copy scripts” out of the “New computer only” folder. Move them to just above the “Configure” step.
  6. Now remove these folders:
    1. “New computer only”
    2. “Offline User State Capture”
    3.  “Refresh only”
  7. Now still under the “Preinstall” folder, Highlight the “Gather local only” step
  8. Add a “Set Task Sequence Variable”:
    1. Set “Name:” to “Set OSDTargetDriveCache”
    2. Set “Task Sequence Variable:” to “OSDTargetDriveCache”
    3. Set “Value:” to “C:”
  9. Add another “Set Task Sequence Variable”:
    1. Set “Name:” to “Set DestinationOSRefresh”
    2. Set “Task Sequence Variable:” to “DestinationOSRefresh”

Your Preinstall should now look like this!


So now in windows, goto your network deployment path and launch litetouch.vbs. This will start the Windows Refresh scenario. Complete the wizards and begin the deployment, MDT will install Win PE and reboot the computer. Once in Win PE our modification will trick MDT into thinking its a New Computer deployment and will proceed as normal.

If you have any question or its not working for you feel free to ask your question in the comment section below.



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